Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is free on Epic PC this week

As is the demonic twin-stick shooter otherwise known as God's Trigger.

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If you're not already in the loop, Enter the Gungeon is a gun-toting dodge-rolling hard-as-nails roguelike shooter that has graced all manner of platforms since it first landed all the way back in 2015. Now it's back for one last hurrah with Epic giving the game away as part of the company's ongoing drive to wrestle players away from Steam. It's free and great, so get downloading.

While you're there you might also be tempted by God's Trigger, another twin-stick shooter, this time one with a hellish twist. With two characters (one an angel, the other a demon) players must advance through increasingly challenging gauntlets, dispatching those encountered in supernatural style. Like Enter the Gungeon, this one's free to claim on the Epic Game Store until August 27.

Enter the Gungeon

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