Xenoblade Chronicles X

Epic battles in Xenoblade Chronicles X's story: new trailer

Upcoming Wii U exclusive RPG shows its more heroic side with Japanese launch imminent.

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With its Japanese launch coming up next week, Xenoblade Chronicles X gives fans last call for attention by showing off its most well guarded secret so far - the story. The new narrative-focused 3 minute trailer below, shows off a bunch of important moments and sequences, many of them epopee-styled. The new entry on the Xenoblade franchise is more ambitious and darker, but also true to its JRPG roots, thus developing a story about struggling for mankind survival and even the survival of an entire planet.

We already knew that the so-called Dolls were really powerful mechs, so much so that we hadn't seen anyone downed so far. But now, in the following trailer, enemy forces begin to show off their great potential, for example beheading one of these huge robots. Others fall during New Los Angeles invasion.

Finally, we can infer from this footage that alliances between Mira colonists and human race aren't forged from the beginning, and that even among allied army lines there are some inner conflicts. Elma, one of the main protagonists of the game, has some special relevance in the clip.

The game launches April 29 in Japan and still has no official launch date for the rest of the world, but will surely launch in Europe in 2015. Now, the new Japanese story trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X:

Xenoblade Chronicles XXenoblade Chronicles X

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