Epic bringing a Loki skin as part of the July Fortnite Crew offering

The God of Mischief is coming to the battle royale as part of its subscription service.

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For those who might not have heard of it, the Fortnite Crew is a membership service available in Fortnite that provides skins, access to the latest battle pass, and some V-Bucks all for a monthly subscription of $11.99. For the most part, the skins that are delivered as part of this deal aren't that exciting, but July is looking to rectify that, as Epic Games has announced that the God of Mischief and the brother of Thor, Loki Laufeyson will be the skin available for the next month of Fortnite Crew.

The skin, which reflects Tom Hiddleston's Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayal of the character, seems to be sporting the same armour from his appearance in Avengers Assemble, and even comes with some other goodies that befit that era of the character.

The bundle comes with Loki's Sceptre Pickaxe, the same weapon that housed the Mind Stone in the MCU, as well as Loki's Cape Back Bling, and the Chitauri Chariot Glider, plus a Loading Screen as well. You can see all the offerings in the image below.

The July Fortnite Crew bundle also includes access to the Season 7 battle pass, as well as 1,000 V-Bucks, and even the June Crew Pack, for another skin to add to your collection. You can take a look at everything available over here.


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