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Dota 2

Epic Esports Events has announced a series of Dota 2 Champions League tournaments

They will take place July 19 - August 8 and will each have a prize pool of $50,000.

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Epic Esports Events and the Russian Esports Federation have announced that they will be hosting a series of five Dota 2 Champions League tournaments that will take place July 19 - August 8. Each tournament will feature a $50,000 prize pool and English broadcasts are set to be organised by The EsportsBible (TEBTV). GRID esports has also been named as the exclusive data partner for the series of events.

Additionally, the tournament's structure was revealed within a press release that we received. During each tournament, 10 teams that consist of nine invited and one open qualifiers winner will battle it out in the group stage. Following this, the eight teams with the highest points will advance to the Playoffs where they will play in a Double Elimination Bracket in the bo3 format. The final match is then set to be played in the bo5 format.

Dota 2

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