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Epic finds no evidence Saturday Skirmish winner cheated

The uproar on Reddit and elsewhere has been silenced.

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A few weeks ago Epic Game revealed the Summer Skirmish Series esports competition for Fortnite, and after the first week was plagued by technical issues, this past weekend's Saturday Skirmish also had a touch of controversy as well.

"This is burglary" thundered some users on Reddit after player Idropz_Bodies won the first place prize of $130,000 USD for the Saturday Skirmish on PS4, and this was all because they thought it was suspicious that a relatively unknown player could be as good as they were, with some even demanding an investigation. Some of this had to do with how precise they were, as Idropz_Bodies killed 129 competitors.

After the public complaints, Epic Games decided to investigate but has found no evidence that Idropz_Bodies was using a mouse and a keyboard to play Fortnite on PS4, therefore validating the victory and prize. The lengthy statement told us that every elimination was on a different player, refuting claims that they were teaming up with other players to get easy kills, as well as throwing a whole load of other evidence our way that defends the player.

"I'm not sure what to say about all the negativity. I was given an opportunity and made the best of it. Today really showed me that you really cannot succeed without hate but I was not alone. I had the Destiny community at my side. Without them I'm not sure if I would've been able to take it," Idropz_Bodies told Kotaku.

Epic also took also the time to thank the community for the attention they're giving to the transparency of the competition and the respect of the rules, asking at the same time not to question the results without tangible proof.

Are you glad to see Epic defending Idropz_Bodies like this?


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