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Epic Games details plans for the Fortnite Championship Series All-Star Showdown

The event will start later today and run until June 26.

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A few days ago, we reported on the plans for Season 7 of the Fortnite Championship Series, where we also noted that more information about the All-Star Showdown would be following soon. Well, now we have that information, as Epic Games has released a new blog post that explains what we can expect to see from the event.

The All-Star Showdown will have a $3 million prize pool, and will start on June 11 with Hype Days (lasting until June 13) - where a bunch of content creators will be hosting their own challenges and tournaments based around the event.

This will take us into the Solo All-Star Play In set between June 18-20, where a bunch of solo players will get the chance to compete for a slot in the tournament.

Next up will be the Skills Challenges, between June 23-24 that will test competitors ability to build, edit, and aim. These challenges will be played over a series of specially designed Creative maps, where winners will be awarded various prizes.

Then, before the championship event, there will be the Play For Keeps tournament planned for June 25, where a bunch of trios will compete in multiple mini-games without the ability to build structures.

Finally is the FNCS All-Star Showdown Championship on June 26 that will be played in the format of a solo Cash Cup, and will see the player who amasses the most points after six games take home the top prize.

You can take a look at the qualified players for the championship, as well as more details on the specifics of the full All-Star Showdown event over here.


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