Epic Games shows off Fortnite's Fallout and Mad Max-like Wrecked season

The Wasteland has come to the battle royale.

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There are a lot of similarities between Bethesda's Fallout universe and George Miller's Mad Max universe, and if you had any doubt about that the latest Fortnite season shows just how well the two universes can combine.

The now available Wrecked season has a Wasteland theme. This includes a lot of desert locations to explore and for the Fallout folk a Power Armor outfit to unlock and use in-game, as well as Nuka Cola bottles to gulp from. While there has been no exact mention of Mad Max just yet, the fact that the new locations have a punk-vibe and how there seems to be a large emphasis on frightening-looking vehicles it does all suggest that Mad Max-related goodies will be arriving eventually.

As per other crossovers, Marvel is making a return by bringing Magneto to the game as an outfit, which can be earned like the Power Armor cosmetic through this season's battle pass.

Fortnite's Wrecked season will run until mid-August, and you can see its cinematic launch trailer below and find all the minor patch notes changes here.


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