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Epic Games to host $1 million Fortnite Super Cup

The event will take place all across the globe, offering plenty of regions an opportunity at the prize pool.

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Another major Fortnite esports tournament has been announced by Epic Games, in the upcoming $1 million Super Cup. The Duos event, which is a global series, although will feature separate tournaments across varying regions to account for better network stability, is open for all players to have a shot for the prize pool - however, you will need to be very good at Fortnite to stand a chance.

The rules for qualifying are as follows: In the first round, the top 1000 players from the North American East, North American West, European and Brazil regions, plus the top 500 players from the Oceania, Asian and the Middle East regions will progress to the second round.

The first round will last approximately three hours, with the second lasting around the same period of time. At the end of the second, the leaderboard will be determined, and prizes will be handed out to each Duo team eligible.

To check out the full rule list and to see how the extensive prize pool will be distributed, you can find the Super Cup official page here.


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