Final Fantasy XV

Episode Ardyn wraps up Final Fantasy XV's DLC content

Comrades has also got more content, and the Assassin's Creed Origins collaboration has re-opened to celebrate the occasion.

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Final Fantasy XV has finally received its last bit of DLC in the form of Episode Ardyn, which has just been released to bring us a new storyline set 35 years before the events of the game, showing us the perspective of Ardyn Lucis Caelum.

Of course you can control Ardyn in this episode, including new attacks and skills like the Rising Phantom and Dark Tornado. You can also use Shadow Step to fly across Insomnia while regaining MP, and Ifrit is an ally of Ardyn that can attack foes with fire magic. A photo mode will let you take pictures of this new adventure, and a hat shop will even be present so you can buy more headgear. If you finish the DLC, you also get an Ardyn's Ensemble outfit and Mutant Rakshasa Blade for Noctis.

A brand new trailer for the episode can be watched below, and the multiplayer Comrades expansion is getting new content as well, including an extra quest called Feathered Foe - Kenny Crow, letting players battle it out against the new boss. If you can survive this, you'll get an all-new end credits sequence, and there are two new outfits - the male Warrior's Armour and female Street Attire - to buy with item tokens too.

To celebrate all of this, the A Gift from the Gods collaboration is also re-opening in Assassin's Creed Origins, letting you get the Ultima Blade, Ziedrich, and a mount called Kweh, with Master Assassin's Robes also available in Final Fantasy XV.

Episode Ardyn can be downloaded as a standalone DLC on all platforms. Will you be jumping in?

Final Fantasy XV

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