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Street Fighter V

ESPN2 to broadcast Street Fighter V Evo finals

Another esport gets some television time.

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ESPN has announced that it will be broadcasting the final rounds of Evo's Street Fighter V tournament on ESPN 2 and via the ESPN app's stream.

"It's great to be back at the Evo Championship Series Final with Street Fighter V this year," Kevin Lopes, director of ESPN programming and acquisitions, said. "This final will provide no shortage of compelling competition, and we look forward to delivering this event to fans."

"Fighting games bring a tremendous level of hype and excitement, and Evo's mission is to share that experience with fans worldwide," Joey Cueller, president of Evo, added. "We're pleased to team up with ESPN and Disney to bring these games to new audiences."

Slowly but surely, then, esports seem to be creeping onto television broadcasts as well as online streams, and hopefully this is something we can see more of as it continues to grow. If you're interested in watching, it will be on ESPN2 from 22:00 ET on Sunday July 16, which equates to 03:00 the next day in BST. Will you be tuning in?

Street Fighter V

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