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League of Legends: Wild Rift

Boom Esports announces its revamped League of Legends: Wild Rift roster

The roster includes some former Boom players, as well as some new faces.

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As League of Legends: Wild Rift continues to grow in popularity, we're seeing more and more teams announcing teams for its esports scene. The latest of which is Boom Esports, who have taken to Twitter to reveal the players who will be representing the team in competitions.

Set to compete in the Asia-Pacific region, the team will consist of:

  • Gov, formerly known as the ex-captain of Onic Esports, and set to fill the Support position.

  • FlyArthur and Xiaoqi, who has joined the team from Aerowolf, and will be the Mid-Jungle duo.

  • Tufz, the final member of the previous Boom roster, who is set to take the Baron side lane position.

  • Chalize, previously known for playing for Boom, before being separated from the team. Chalize will fill the Dragon side lane position.

There's no mention as to how long each player has signed with Boom for.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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