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NRG has released Wedid

He was previously benched at the end of September.

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Despite being one of the larger esports brands with a Valorant team, NRG has yet to really make much of an impact in the Valorant Champions Tour. The team has played in various Challengers events, but has never made it to a Masters tournament. With this in mind, NRG has been making a few different tweaks and changes to its active roster as it aims to find more success in the scene.

At the end of September, NRG benched Matthew "Wedid" Suchan, but now, a month later, NRG has officially released Wedid from his contract, allowing him to explore other options as the organisation looks to sign a new fifth member.

Following his release, Wedid took to Twitter to say, "Officially a free agent. love everyone over at NRG, thank you for making my dreams come true. im open to any and all offers".

NRG has yet to announce who will be occupying the final slot on its Valorant team.


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