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Rawkus is no longer the coach of Sentinels

Roster buyout complications have left the Valorant professional without a team.

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While Shane "Rawkus" Flaherty was contractually tied to FaZe Clan as its coach, the Valorant professional made the jump to coach Sentinels at the Valorant Champions event late last year, after FaZe was eliminated at the Last Chance Qualifier tournament. This decision was handled with Sentinels borrowing Rawkus from FaZe with a contract that would expire on January 1, however this has allegedly led to a few issues in regard to Rawkus' contract.

Revealed by Rawkus in a tweet, he has stated that he is "no longer coaching Sentinels" and that "unfortunately a deal between both parties could not be made due to buyout complications." It's also noted by Rawkus that he has not "been a part of anything team related in the past 2 weeks", and that he is using this opportunity to return to competition as a player.

Where do you think Rawkus will land?


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