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League of Legends

The LPL Spring Playoffs have been postponed until April 8 due to Covid

All games will now be played remotely.

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Just as you think we're starting to get a handle on Covid-19 and start returning back to normal, it strikes back. Riot Games has announced that the League of Legends Pro League's (LPL) Spring Playoffs have been postponed due to a spike in Covid cases.

As noted in a short statement, the LPL Spring Playoffs will now start on April 8, and will be played remotely. We're told to expect further updates on the Spring Finals at a later date.

While Riot has shared an updated tournament bracket, which shows when the postponed games will take place, the question of whether this delay will affect the LPL's influence at the Mid-Season Invitational has to be brought up, especially since that event will be taking place in South Korea from May 10.

League of Legends

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