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League of Legends

Rift Rivals Asia 2019 has begun

The League of Legends tournament is bringing twelve of the best teams together to see who will claim this year's championship.

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Nearly one whole year after the unusual events of Rift Rivals 2018, Korean teams are looking to reclaim their title as the strongest region when it comes to League of Legends. The tournament, which was won last year by the Chinese league - the LPL - will have to face the wrath of Korea's best in order to defend their title.

As for who will be playing, the teams have been selected based on their performance in the Spring
Split. The LCK (Korea) and the LPL (China) will both send their top four teams, whereas the VCS (Vietnam) and the LMS (Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao) will send their two best teams respectively, but will compete together. Fans should look out for the match involving SK Telecom T1 of Korea and Invictus Gaming of China tomorrow at 9:00pm KST (1:00pm BST), as well as the game with Flash Wolves of the LMS vs Invictus Gaming taking place at 5:00pm KST (9:00am BST) tomorrow, as these teams are some of the best Asia have to offer.

The tournament itself will be split into a group stage, semi-finals and a finals event. During the group stages, each team will face a best-of-one series, where wins will be attributed to a region's cumulative score. In the semi-finals, teams will face a best-of-five series, in which regions can decide which order its respective teams face off against one another. As for finals, that will take place between the regions which have the highest scores after the semis and will once again consist of a best-of-five set. Winners will be determined on which team wins the most best-of-fives in the finals series.

To watch the event, players can find the tournament on the LCK Twitch channel or on the competition's website. As for when - it's streaming right now and will continue until the finals conclude and we have a winner on July 7.

League of Legends

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