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      Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

      Eunited wins the 2019 CWL Finals

      They took down Gen.G in a tough final set, marking their second Call of Duty event championship.

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      The first ever CWL finals have concluded in Miami at an event that saw 16-teams battle it out for a slice of the $1.25 million prize pool. The finals that took place on Sunday brought Eunited and Gen.G together for a test of champions over two games, lasting for nearly three hours during which Eunited managed to rise up and claim the title, marking the second time the organisation has won a Call of Duty championship event.

      The series started off poorly for the higher seeded Eunited roster, who won the first winners' bracket, as they were defeated by Gen.G 3-0 in the first game. Due to how successful they were elsewhere in the tournament; this didn't mean defeat for the team and they had one more opportunity to make a run for the title in game two. This match was where the champions pulled themselves together, rising to the challenge and taking down Gen.G 3-0 and claiming the event title.

      Whilst this victory assuredly means a lot to the organisation and the team, for the captain of the roster, James "Eubank" Clayster, this win was 1,400 days in the making. The last time he managed to achieve a win was back in September 2015, at the MLG Pro League Season Three Playoffs, making for an almost four-year championship drought.

      "This means more to me than anything to me" Clayster said in a post-match interview.

      Opponents Gen.G also issued a statement regarding Eunited's victory saying: "Congratulations to Eunited on a well deserved 1st place finish at last weekend's CWL Finals. It is their latest in a season full of impressive finishes and affirms why they have the best record in the CWL Pro League. We're immensely proud of our team's performance in Miami. We couldn't be more excited for next month's CWL Champs as a result."

      Fans who enjoyed the CWL Finals in Miami can look to find the next CWL Championship taking place in Los Angeles between August 16-18, with more information coming soon.

      Did you watch the CWL Finals 2019?

      Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
      Photo: Call of Duty World League

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