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Overwatch League announces League Picks game

The new broadcast mini-game is set to give fans and players an opportunity to obtain more League Tokens.

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To celebrate the start of Stage Four of the 2019 Overwatch League season, a new mini game is being added for fans to earn even more League Tokens. League Picks is a game in which viewers will be able to answer some brief questions in hopes of winning some Tokens to spend on OWL in-game skins. It starts this Thursday (July 25), with participating players only required to have their account linked to their Twitch account.

As for how the system will work: an hour before broadcast, some of the day's challenges/questions will open with more being added an hour before subsequent matches, allowing viewers to take a minute and vote as they please. The questions themselves will be match or map specific, so for the best chance at winning, watching and being involved with the broadcast is advised. After these are answered, for each correct one, a point will be added to the completion of a challenge, each of which will be worth 25 Tokens.

To find the League Pick system, simply check the Challenges tab on the broadcast, available on both desktop and mobile. Once all this has been accomplished, for each complete challenge, players will find an extra 25 tokens added to their Overwatch account, provided everything has been correctly linked. If you haven't already linked your account, you can do so here.

Stage Four is set to be a huge change for the Overwatch League as the newly announced role lock is brought to the competitive scene ahead of its release in-game. Fans and players alike can expect to see a huge change to gameplay from now on, hopefully bringing some new life to the meta. As well as this, a new preview tab is being added, which can be paired with iCal, Google and Yahoo to remind interested fans about games.

Will you be participating in the League Picks game?


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