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100 Thieves drops Fortnite players

Kenith, Blind, and SirDimetrious have gone, with the latter explaining the reasons why he was dropped as a content creator.

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100 Thieves has announced some big changes to their involvement with Fortnite, as they took to Twitter to share the news that they've parted ways with Kenith, Blind, and SirDimetrious, all at the same time.

SirDimetrious posted a TwitLonger about the situation too, which reads as follows:

"Not going to bore you with the details, but the bottom line was that I pretty much stopped streaming Fortnite entirely. Unlike Kenith and Blind, I was signed as a content creator, yet spent most of my time on Fortnite (starting season 9) practicing off stream for the World Cup Qualifiers. I'll still be competing in Fortnite, but will focus most of my efforts (when it comes to content creation) on Destiny 2."

Are you sad to see them go?


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