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NAVI disband Fortnite roster

The team's Fortnite manager gave the reason as "unprofitability of the title."

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Natus Vincere has announced that they will be disbanding their Fortnite roster "due to the unprofitability of the title". The decision was revealed in a blog post by NAVI in which the organisations Fortnite manager spoke out about the decision.

Photo: Epic Games

"Today we close NAVI Fortnite team due to unprofitability of the title" said Mykhalio "M1ke" Palamar. "We would like to thank Quinten "Quinten" van der Zijpp and Levi "LnueF" Edelijn for their contribution to the development of Natus Vincere and wish the guys success in their future."

M1ke later went onto to clarify why NAVI dropped the roster saying; "Despite huge interest in the discipline on behalf of the players, the publisher, Epic Games, does not support the esports clubs, completely ignoring their interests."

The Fortnite manager rounded out his statement by saying; "Developing the esports scene exclusively based on huge prize pools is a short-run and risky model, so NAVI esports club made a decision to not maintain the Fortnite roster and focus on other titles."

The duo of LnueF and Quinten who represented NAVI at the Fortnite World Cup managed to make 44th place, which ultimately netted them a hefty $100,000. Since the World Cup however, official Fortnite esports events have been quite limited as the game rejuvenates with Fortnite Chapter 2, giving a degree of truth to M1ke's statement.

Do you think NAVI made the right decision dropping their Fortnite roster?


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