Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile esports will be back in 2021

A short teaser for the next year of competition was recently released.

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Call of Duty: Mobile's esports scene will be returning this year, as a short video released by Activision has teased a new batch of tournaments. The finer details were not included and have not been shared right now, but considering the COD Mobile competitive scene has been quite quiet since the cancellation of the last Championship Finals that was planned for December 2020, we can probably assume more information to be provided sooner than later.

The video that reminisces about some of the more exciting moments in COD Mobile esports did also mention "this is just the beginning," suggesting that there is a chance that this year's plans could be bigger than anything before it. Either way, as more is revealed about the scene, we'll be sure to update you.

Call of Duty: Mobile

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