Eve Online

Eve Online has got a trailer for move into free to play

The move will come on November 15.

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Eve Online is moving into free to play on November 15, and to get players ready for the shift a trailer has been released to accompany the switch and generate a bit more interest in the game

The trailer, entitled 'The Eve Online Experience - Play For Free', shows different people talking about what Eve is and what it means, as well as showing some gameplay, and by that we mean epic space scenes that is sure to entice some sci-fi lovers into the franchise.

Eve Online is described in the video's description as such: "EVE Online is the space, sandbox MMORPG that goes beyond anything you've experienced before. Every decision counts. Every journey is unique. Every pilot has a different tale." Will you be joining Eve's community now it's free to play?

Eve OnlineEve OnlineEve Online

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