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Eve Online's Lifeblood update changes things up a lot

Including new resources, features, and tweaks.

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CCP Games has released the Lifeblood expansion for MMO Eve Online, which brings a lot of changes to the game, including to raw resources and player-driven markets.

Among the many features, Lifeblood provides new technologies for acquiring resources in the form of Upwell Refineries. There's also more moon mining capabilities too, and with new industrial platforms also comes pirate factions, who have set up bases to wage war on the industry, meaning fleet-sized challenges for players. Resource Wars are also being added too, requiring players to work together to get asteroid ore while at the same time defending themselves against these pirates.

"An already expansive list of active, player-created wars just found more fuel for the fire with a complete redistribution of moon materials across the universe forcing pilots to adjust their strategies and ambitions," the press release adds.

On top of these resource changes there are rebalanced frigates, destroyers, and cruisers, and there's a brand new tool called The Agency too, described as "an accessible scan of all nearby PvE opportunities." Moon Mining is now a more active endeavour as well, with varied gameplay, and more high-level challenges are available via the new Guristas Shipyards.

More information on the game can be found on the official website. Does this update sound like a great one?

Eve Online

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