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Everspace 2

Everspace 2 has now fully launched

And developer Rockfish Games has revealed that work has begun on the first major expansion for the sci-fi title.

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After a lengthy stint in Early Access, Everspace 2 has now officially launched and is available in its 1.0 state on PC. While you can check the game out for yourself now, you can also check out the launch trailer for the sci-fi sequel to get a taste of the sorts of adventures that players can head out on.


But just because Early Access is over doesn't mean that developer Rockfish Games is done with Everspace 2. In a new press release, we're told that alongside the console versions that are still set for later this year, players can expect a "major free update" later this year that will bring a host of new features, ship customisation options, further voiced language support, and more.

To add to this, we're told to expect the first "major paid expansion" for Everspace 2 in mid-2024, and that Rockfish has already started work on the post-launch addition. As for what this will be, all we are told right now is that it'll add a "new story and gameplay features".

Will you be checking out Everspace 2 on PC today?

Everspace 2

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