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League of Legends

Evil Geniuses and Alliance become player-owned

These two major teams are setting off on their own.

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Two major esports teams are parting ways with their parent company, it has been announced. Evil Geniuses and Alliance, two of the esports world's most popular brands, were both under the wing of GoodGame, a subsidiary of, who it itself owned by Amazon.

The press release came from Twitch itself, who state that the teams' departure is thanks to a conflict of interests between both teams and the streaming platform. This change to being now player-owned will not get rid of any business partnerships between Twitch and the teams, but almost everything will now be handled by a player-selected set of managers.

Alliance hasn't released any details about their management right now, but Evil Geniuses has elected former Dota 2 player Peter 'PPD' Dager as the new team CEO, so we think the team is in good hands; especially since Dota 2 is the game EG is most known for. This doesn't mean other esports that EG are involved in will suffer, however, as PPD will oversee them all. How well do you think this move will work out for both teams?

League of Legends
Photo: Evil Geniuses

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