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      Evil Geniuses drops its Valorant backups

      With the Champions event in the books, the esports team has released four players.

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      The esports organisation, Evil Geniuses, has decided to part ways with four backup members of its Valorant Champions Tour team. Following the premier Champions event concluding a couple of weeks ago, an event that Evil Geniuses won, the team has released a few members that it describes as key to its success.

      As stated in a video on socials, Evil Geniuses say: "The Champs behind the Champs.

      "Our historical VCT run would not have been possible without the dedication behind the scenes of @ApothVal, @BcJFPS, @ReformedVal, @icyjl and @zecK_VAL. You helped bring NA a World Championship, something that we and our fans will never forget.

      "We will be rooting for each of you and hope to face you on the stage next year."

      As you can see, Vincent "Apotheon" Le, Brendan "BcJ" Jensen, Jacob "icy" Lange, Jeffrey "Reformed" Lu, and head coach Addison "zecK" Gorzeck have all been dropped from the team, and no doubt many will end up on other teams considering the success that Evil Geniuses achieved this past season.


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