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      Evil West

      Evil West gets action-packed overview trailer

      Flying Wild Hog's next title is looking to debut on November 22.

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      We firmly believe that Evil West might be November's big sleeper hit when it launches on November 22 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. We're talking about a seemingly action-packed and very evil version of the Wild West, filled to the brim with various well designed monsters to kill together with a friend as co-op is supported.

      Here is the official synopsis:

      "Get to know Jesse Rentier, the young and skilled vampire slayer you'll incarnate in Evil West. Star agent of the Rentier Institute, a secret monster-hunting organization led by his father and many generations of Rentier before him, he'll have to take the action into his own hands after a deadly vampiric conspiracy emerges from the darkness and wipes out the Institute.

      With the help of Edgar Gravenor, another survivor from the Rentier Institute, he'll have to battle fierce foes and demystify the conspiracy, while rebuilding the organization and becoming the leader it needs."

      Check out the overview trailer to make sure you don't miss out on a very promising title.

      Evil WestEvil West
      Evil WestEvil West
      Evil WestEvil West
      Evil WestEvil West
      Evil WestEvil West

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