Evolve is free with Games with Gold next month

Layers of Fear and Borderlands 2 are also on the house if you've got Xbox Live.

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Evolve's new lease of life with the free-to-play launch on PC was shortlived as developer Turtle Rock Studios has moved on to other projects, and the free-to-play model never made it across to consoles. Still, Xbox One players will get the game for free as part of March's Games with Gold offers, as revealed by Major Nelson.

Additionally, Layers of Fear, Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360), and Heavy Weapon (Xbox 360) are part of next month's line-up.

Layers of Fear and Borderlands 2 are available from March 1, and until the end of the month, whereas Evolve and Heavy Weapon drop on March 16 and are available until April 15.


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"Evolve is certainly not a game for everyone, but fans of innovative, strategic action will not be disappointed. It feels innovative and extremely exciting."

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