Evolve Stage 2 is now available for free on Steam

You can download the free-to-play version of the game right now.

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Yesterday Turtle Rock Studios announced that Evolve is officially a free-to-play title, and today they finally made the new version available on Steam. It's called Evolve Stage 2, and can be downloaded directly from Valve's digital store at this link.

Evolve Stage 2 includes seven hunters, 24 monsters, four maps (re-designed from scratch), several perks and much more. The studio also promised updates on a regular basis, in order to offer new and fresh content to the community.

Those who have purchased the game and/or a Season Pass will get the status of "Founder" and they will also receive 3,000 silver keys, as well as other exclusive bonuses that haven't been announced as yet. Alongside these new additions, Turtle Rock has also made several improvements to Evolve's technical side. So, if you've never played the 4v1 monster hunter, this could be a good moment to take a look.


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