Extra analogue stick for 3DS?

New rumour about attachment.

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According to a rumour picked up by French site 01net.com (which also spilled the beans on Project Café/Wii U), Nintendo is planning to add a analogue stick attachment to the right side of the Nintendo 3DS. The peripheral is supposed to cost $10:

"According to our source, Nintendo engineers are spending many sleepless nights working on an additional device, which should be sold separately for about 10 dollars." (Translation from Neogaf)

The reason, it is said, is because developers have asked for a second analogue stick to make the game experiences even better. The rumour doesn't end there, there's also whispers about a new Nintendo 3DS-model coming in 2012.

"Nintendo is currently preparing a new 3DS for a 2012 release. This new version would radically tone down the whole "3D" angle, with a new design and even probably a different name," 01net.com writes.

Remember that this is only a rumour, so base any of your personal speculations around that.

Extra analogue stick for 3DS?

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