Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune delayed

This is "due to an unexpected administration hiccup".

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Although it was expected on July 11, Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl Studios announced today that Fable Fortune's release on Xbox One has been delayed. In fact, the game will be available on the Xbox Store on July 25, along with the PC version.

In the statement, the company announced that the reason for the delay was due to some bureaucratic and administrative issues that prevented the game from landing on Microsoft's platform in time for its release next week:

"Due to an unexpected administration hiccup we are unfortunately unable to launch the Xbox One version of Fable Fortune next week and we've made the decision to move the launch date back to July 25th on all platforms."

Fable Fortune will be available for download for free, however, when it does land. Does this bother you too much?

Fable Fortune

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