Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune launched on Kickstarter

Card game made by former Lionhead Studios developers.

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As was reported a few days ago, the Fable Fortune project will move forward despite Lionhead Studios having closed, and the developers are now looking for funding on Kickstarter. The game follows a concept similar to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, although it will be based on the Fable universe and will a few unique features.

In addition to adding a co-operative mode, Fable Fortune uses a "good or evil" system similar to what the major Fable games had, where the protagonist could be a honourable hero or something less than honourable. This will be determined by players choices along the way and it will slightly change the look and features of the player's cards. The project is being developed at Flaming Fowl Studios (with assistance from Mediatonic), a studio formed by former Fable Fortune team members from Lionhead. They are asking for £250,000, and with 26 days to fulfill the Kickstarter campaign and is off to a modest start with £31,000 pledged.

The base goal will fund the beta version on PC and allow Flaming Fowl to hire more help, but there are also plans for an Xbox One version.

Fable Fortune

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