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Road 96

Facebook denies advert for Road 96 due to its links to politics

The procedurally generated road trip adventure is preparing to release on August 16.

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It has been reported that a request to advertise Road 96 on Facebook has been denied as it supposedly breached the platform's rules on social, electoral, or political messaging. This has only worked to raise questions as to what the platform deems to be truly acceptable.

When speaking with Axios, Yoan Fanise, a developer for the game, noted that he first believed the rejection to be a joke. He added that the email mentioned that the ad "may" have been rejected due to it including real-life political figures or mentions of elections or social issues. Fanise was given the option to either remove the content deemed as inappropriate or receive authorisation to publish political ads but he has yet to respond.

Road 96, if you didn't know, is a procedurally generated roadtrip adventure, that is set within the summer of 1996. Here you will be faced with many different choices along your journey and each playthrough will be different with you encountering new characters and wacky scenarios. The game is planned to launch on August 16 and it is releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Road 96


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