Facebook thinks trailer for GRIS is too "sexually suggestive"

We're not sure why the censorship algorithm took offence as we can't spot a single nipple in this beautiful promotional video.

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GRIS is one of the best and most beautiful indie games of 2018, but it seems that painter Conrad Roset's art is not seen as well regarded by Facebook's censorship systems. According to publisher Devolver Digital on Tweeter:

"Facebook rejected a GRIS launch trailer ad for this 'sexually suggestive' scene so this year is going great so far".

The "offending" scene can be found in the video below with one of the most touching sequences of the game, with the statue-representation of the protagonist breaking apart.

Before making his first game, Conrad Roset has been exhibiting his paintings at art galleries and museums around the world, where his 'Muses' collection hasn't been deemed as offending, as the artist himself claims "I search the beauty the body exudes, I like drawing the female figure". But this hasn't been the first time -and we're sure it won't be the last- it's made clear computer censorship algorithms can't distinguish between art and sexually explicit content.

But check out the "sexually suggestive" footage by yourself at the 40 seconds mark and leave a comment below:


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