Fairy Tail creator's Farmagia coming to Nintendo Switch in November

It's a farm-simulation JRPG in which we command armies of monsters.

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Marvelous previewed a few weeks ago (on the same night as State of Play, to be exact) some of the titles it would be releasing in the future. Without giving a date or confirming platforms, it did show the first images of Farmagia, an A-JRPG in which we will fight in a fantasy world against a tyrant with magical powers. Now Nintendo has decided to take the plunge and acknowledge that Farmagia is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. Exploring its nooks and crannies, gathering resources and managing a farm (a bit like Harvestella), as Agromage we'll gather an army of monsters to take on the evil Magus.

And we won't have to wait too long to play Farmagia, as the title is coming to Nintendo Switch on 1 November 2024. Check out the trailer and screenshots below.


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