Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is launching on March 19 next year

Gust Studios and Koei Tecmo have revealed the launch date with a new trailer, showing some of the characters as well.

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Koei Tecmo and Gust Studios' Fairy Tail game is looking to bring the world of the anime to life with a new RPG, and now a brand new trailer below has revealed that it'll be landing on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on March 19 next year.

That's not all though, as the trailer also unveils five new playable characters 'Sky God Slayer' Sherria Blendy coming from Lamia Scale; 'Strongest Fencer' Kagura Mikazuchi from Mermaid Heel; 'Handsome' Blue Pegasus mage Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki; and 'White Dragon' Sting Eucliffe and 'Shadow Dragon' Rogue Cheney from Sabertooth.

You can see these warriors from other guilds down below, and there are over 12 playable characters in the game, letting you form a team with Fairy Tail members and their rivals.

Gust producer Keisuke Kikuchi has already said that he'd "very much like" a Fairy Tail sequel, so time will tell if we see more after this game.

Do you have high hopes for this Fairy Tail game?

Fairy Tail

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