Fallout is coming to Fortnite next season

And seemingly Mad Max too.

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Fortnite has become a great location to discover and determine what new movies, TV, games, and other entertainment are making their arrival and likewise what is currently hot and popular. The battle royale receives nearly weekly crossovers and collaborations, and the upcoming season will seemingly continue this effort further.

Epic Games has confirmed that the coming season will have desert and wasteland vibes, and that Fallout will be included in some form. The exact specifics have yet to be revealed about Fallout's inclusion into the popular title, but no doubt Power Armor will feature to some degree.

Continuing the desert theme, the latest teaser for the coming season seems to imply that the world of Mad Max will be colliding with the battle royale too, but again we'll likely get firm explanations as to what this will be in the coming days as the new season, known as Wrecked, is set to arrive on May 24.


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