Fallout 76

Fan shows their frustration with Xbox by nuking Phil Spencer's Fallout 76 camp

Blood for blood.

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Considering Sony faced the full wrath of the Helldivers II community over last weekend, Microsoft and Xbox probably should have expected a similar retaliation and backlash when it shockingly decided to close down four of its studios this week.

With the studios being part of the Bethesda family, one fan has decided that blood must be spilled for Xbox's actions, and has taken to Fallout 76 to drop a nuke on Phil "P3" Spencer's very own camp in the game.

This was spotted by an eagle-eyed user on X recently, who shows the carnage in the form of a massive red hazardous zone on the game's map.

As for the person responsible, X user @real1090jake commented on the post and stated simply "guilty", while attaching a couple of bits of media proving that he knows Spencer in-game.

Considering there are many reports and rumours suggesting that Microsoft will make more cuts and potentially even raise the price of Game Pass further, no doubt this will only be the start of what is effectively digital guerrilla warfare.

Fallout 76

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