Farmer's Fairy Tale

Farming Simulator Farmer's Fairy Tale is available on Steam now

And there's a discount on it until June 7.

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On the last day of May, developer and publisher upjers released its farming simulator, Farmer's Fairy Tale on PC via Steam. The game is currently 20% off right now and the discount offer ends on June 7.

As a farm simulation game, Farmer's Fairy Tale also has some RPG elements: player will be in the shoes of a city girl who finds herself in the middle of fairytale-like surroundings and takes on the mayor's mysterious task of rebuilding a small, dilapidated farm.

Here are some game features, according to its Steam page:

  • an extensive backstory with exciting twists, humorous ideas and great surprises

  • a wonderful RPG setting with enchanting 3D graphics and carefully designed animations

  • comprehensive crafting options by manufacturing progressively complex tools

  • captivating quests and story game challenges

  • numerous great NPCs such as the Giant Shorty or Valerie and her long, red hair

  • considerable harvesting options in order to increase your food storage and your doubloon revenue

  • a truly fabulous gaming experience

  • an impressive farming simulation with manifold gaming areas waiting to be discovered

Other than Steam, the game's mobile version, which was published prior to the PC version can also be found on Android platform.

Check some screenshots below. Will you be interested in this farming RPG?

Farmer's Fairy Tale
Farmer's Fairy Tale
Farmer's Fairy Tale
Farmer's Fairy Tale
Farmer's Fairy Tale

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