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League of Legends

Female Legends receive funding to help women get into esports

Computers are being provided for the project too.

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Swedish esports organisation Female Legends has just revealed an investment of 5 million SEK, which equates to around £423,000, to try and get more women involved with esports, as reported by Esportare, with the project entitled 'Future of E-sports'.

It's no secret that esports right now is a field dominated by men, so this project is hoping to encourage more women to play, courtesy of this funding from Swedish Arvsfoden. What's more is that computer store Inet will also be providing 45 computers to help the project too.

"In the project we will work with esports camps for females aged 13-26 years," Chairwoman of Female Legends Liza Lind said in an interview with Esports Insider. "Our objective is to get girls networking and improving in esports, while we at the same time investigate what parameters are influencing why so many girls stop playing esports in their early teens, and what obstacles they meet. We are also focusing on educating about esports, especially for parents and people working with children and teenagers. This will be achieved by three educational conferences with focus on esports and improving the culture on the internet."

For more on the project visit Female Legends' official website. Do you think more projects like these would help women get into esports?

League of Legends
Photo: Female Legends

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