Final Fantasy XIV

Fender is releasing a custom Stratocaster inspired by Final Fantasy XIV

Only 23 will be made available in the UK.

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You know that a game has really made an impact when it has received its own custom guitar. This has become the case for Final Fantasy XIV which has received its own custom Fender Stratocaster. The guitar has a Meteor Symbol imprinted on its fretboard, and its black body is decorated with two brightly-coloured translucent crystal patches. It also comes equipped with a Floyd Rose and a triple set of V-Mod single-coil Stratocaster pick-ups.

In the UK, the guitar is available in extremely limited quantities. Only 23 of these will be purchasable, and they retail for the eye-watering price of £3199. Pre-orders are now available, but it's unclear when they will ship out to the lucky few who manage to purchase.

You can take a look at the costum Stratocaster in all its glory in the video above.

Final Fantasy XIV

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