Final Fantasy VII: Remake

FF VII Remake's orchestral album is set to release in October

If you can't make it to the music, maybe the music can come to you instead.

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Fans that were looking forward to the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour will have to wait a little, but the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account had some good news for one and all. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestral Arrangement Album is coming and is set to release on October 7. You can pre-order it now on Square Enix's online store for 34,19€.

Here is the tracklist:

  1. The Prelude - Reunion

  2. Opening Medley

  3. Flowers Blooming in the Church

  4. Tightrope

  5. Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven

  6. Let the Battles Begin! - Battle Medley

  7. Shinra's Theme

  8. The Arsenal

  9. Arbiter of Fate - Singularity

  10. Main Theme of FFVII

  11. One-Winged Angel - Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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