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FIFAe is continuing its partnership up with Calm

It is centred around the FIFAe Nations Cup.

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FIFAe has announced that it has teamed up with the meditation platform Calm. The deal will see Calm regarded as the official mindfullness and meditation product of the FIFAe Nations Cup this year, and will also see the two organisations working on a plethora of initiatives that aim to impact the community in a positive light.

As part of the partnership deal, every member of the FIFAe Nations Series for 2023 will be given access to Calm Premium, and Calm and FIFAe will be sharing an offer to viewers and FIFAe fans during the Nations Cup.

This is actually the continuation of a partnership between FIFAe and Calm, with the two parties working together as of last year in an effort to support mental health in the global football community.


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