Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy demo arrives

Watch the trailer for FFXIII-2 here.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is less than a month away now. With Square Enix today announcing that a playable demo is available to download on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, things are really starting to gather pace.

In a press release, producer Yoshinori Kitase said: "The FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 demo provides an excellent opportunity for players to try out the evolved battle system and fully explore an entire area of the game. We are very pleased to give our fans the chance to see the multitude of game improvements for themselves."

The statement from Square Enix also explains how: "the demo allows the player to experience many gameplay features and enhancements, including cinematic action sequences in battles and environments with multiple areas and paths to explore".

If you can't wait to get home and start downloading, then here's a video to keep you going in the mean time.


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