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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth confirmed for early 2024 in trailer

Red XIII will be playable this time, and the physical versions are once again two Blu-Rays.

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We're just two weeks away from the launch of Final Fantasy XVI, so I wasn't the only one that found it curious when Square Enix suddenly started to put some spotlight on Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth last week. It was almost as if the company was warming up for something. Our suspicions were basically confirmed when Geoff Keighley started last night's Summer Game Fest by teasing the show would end by showing a highly anticipated game. And so it did.

The first big trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth doesn't just tease big story changes, confirm Red XIII will be playable and show some of the big, beautiful environments that await with Midgar being left behind. It also confirms "next winter" actually means Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will launch on PlayStation 5 in early 2024. Unsurprisingly, the physical editions will - just like its predecessor - consist of two Blu-Rays, so we're in for one big adventure next year.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

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