Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV still not ruled out for Xbox

The game launched back in 2010.

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Yesterday we shared the impressive news that Final Fantasy XIV had passed 24 million players and has officially become Square Enix's most profitable installation in the long running series. It can currently be played on PC and PlayStation, but not Xbox despite confirmation that there have been talks about it among the bosses.

But since it hasn't happened during the eleven years the game has been released, we should probably forget all about it, right? It turns out there's still a chance. This was confirmed in an interview with the director and producer Naoki Yoshida, who says there are still discussions about this with Microsoft and added there are things regarding this he cannot talk about yet.

As Final Fantasy XIV will get support for at least five more years, it would make a lot of sense to release it for more formats to increase the potential audience even further.

Final Fantasy XIV

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