Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI might not not coming to PC at all

A response from Square Enix casts doubts on whether the sequel will be hitting PC.

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Final Fantasy XVI was revealed during the latest PlayStation 5 Showcase earlier this week, and this was of course also reported by Gamereactor. A bit later, more information followed (like a bunch of screenshots). The release date is not known at the moment, but Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PC and PlayStation 5.

Or is it? Gematsu reached out to Square Enix, because the official press release (or the uploaded trailer) doesn't mention PC as a platform for the game. The response was clear. At this point, there is no further information, that Final Fantasy XVI is coming to other platforms besides PlayStation 5.

"We have no further information on if FF16 will be released on platforms other than the PS5."

What seems to have happened is that the PC version was revealed too early. According to industry insider Piers Harding-Rolls, Final Fantasy XVI will be an exclusive title for PlayStation 5 for six months after its release, and a console exclusive for 12 months after its release.

"#FinalFantasyXVI is a full exclusive for 6 months (after which it can come to non-console platforms) & a console exclusive for 12 months (after which it can also come to other consoles)."

Square Enix has already made it clear, that we will hear more news about Final Fantasy XVI in 2021.

Final Fantasy XVI

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