Final update for Verdun ahead of launch

One last big update before WWI game leave Early Access.

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Verdun is a game that we've covered on Gamereactor before (head here to read our Early Access impressions), and it's with that in mind that we bring you news of a major update that's coming to the game ahead of its eventual release out of Early Access.

The changes, that should be landing today, will have a far-reaching impact on the game, as one of our biggest issues with it was the lack of real bullet physics, which is something that's set to be addressed in the game's final major update.

Also coming are British ‘Tommies' and the relevant weaponry (Lee-Enfield rifles and Lewis light machine guns, for example), two new historical units (the "Stosstruppen" for the Germans and the "Canadian Assault Squad" for the Allies) that use the new gas-based weapons, and a new map, Artois. More details can be found on Verdun's Steam page.


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