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Fnatic has parted ways with Enzo

The team still has enough players to field a full roster.

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The esports organisation Fnatic has announced that it is parting ways with another member of its Valorant team. Specifically, this time around, it is Enzo "Enzo" Mestari who is being released, after serving as the sixth member on the team (most notably as a fill-in for the Reykjavik Major) for the 2022 season.

"Today we part ways with & say farewell to @FearothVAL.

"From standing in for us in Reykjavík, to joining the squad and putting up unforgettable appearances in both Copenhagen and Istanbul, we're thankful for all your efforts in the VCT this year."

There is no mention as to where Enzo will be heading next, but considering Fnatic does still have a complete roster, there may also not be an additional signing to fill his position on the team.


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