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Focus: "We're not piling up studios, it's a federation of talent"

After Hardspace: Shipbreaker the publisher confirms they will work with Blackbird Interactive again: "what are we going to do next together?"

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The BIG Conference in Bilbao at the weekend put a lot of, ahem, focus on publishing, scouting, and building bridges between publishers and studios. Focus Entertainment's CCO Yves Le Yaouanq was there to talk about that and acquisition, and he also stopped by GRTV's camera to share his thoughts.

"So yes, there is obvious IP and studio acquisition but it is really about the teams and what they can deliver", Le Yaouanq points out asked about the acquisition craze seen in the industry as of late. "So, at Focus, for example, we are not piling up studios, we are more of a federation of talent, so different studios that can bring something unique that has their own recipe and expertise, and that can foster and share with the others. So to strengthen the group, and grow together, which is really Focus's philosophy, growing together".


"Well, awards are always great", he continues later in the interview as A Plague Tale: Requiem had been nominated for different Titanium Awards. "For us, the very first award is first the player reception, that we got when the game released. On top of that it's really something to see, because they are not a triple-A company, Asobo is not a triple-A studio and triple-A is not about quality, it is about making scenes in a more limited way, but making great scenes. That makes us very happy, being able to compete or at least be nominated with companies and games that are way different [in terms of] financial means".

"Hardspace is really something unique by itself", he adds when talking about Focus's 2022 GOTY material. "It's an incredible collaboration with a wonderful studio, it's almost like a love story with Blackbird [Interactive]. It was like OK, everyone is now, what are we going do next together? So it's the same of course with Asobo, and the same with Don't Nod (we've done Vampyr). And that's also one very important thing, we're not looking for one shot collaboration. If you see Focus's history, it has always been two, three, four, five... for some even more collaborations together between publishers and developers. So first, it means that developers and studios are happy working with us, but also it means that we are growing together".

After Hardspace: Shipbreaker's great reception, what do you want to come see by the Vancouver-based studio? Leave a comment below.

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