Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Food permanently changes Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

We spoke with the action-RPG's producer and director who revealed more about gameplay and Dragon Ball character cameos.

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After its appearance during Microsoft's E3 presentation, we managed to catch up with producer Hara Ryosuke and director Kimoto Kazuki to learn more about what fans can expect from Dragon Ball Z: Kakaro and its universe, including appearances from iconic series characters and Goku's gameplay mechanics.

Amongst the number of characters and locations, Ryosuke revealed that there will be Easter eggs from vanilla Dragon Ball. Characters like Ramu and supporting cast Oolong and Puar will be making their video game debut with Kakarot via cameo appearances and never-before-seen interactions with adult Goku.

"This is not an open world game in the sense we've come to understand it, but it is a very immersive Dragon Ball Z experience. We had a huge focus and we're trying to stay very faithful to the story," the producer told us when asking more about the game's RPG elements.

Kakarot's environments are more linear but progressively unlock with the story: "Each area or zone we have prepared is very immense and plenty space for the players to immerse themselves in the Goku experience."


As well as defeating enemies for experience points, Goku can also be levelled up through aerial exploration, training and interestingly, food will have a vital impact on the player's strength:

"I think traditionally in RPGs when a character consumes food, it gives them maybe a 30-minute buff or heals them a little bit, but in this case, it permanently changes how Goku plays in his parameters and stats."

Collecting materials and cooking food appears to be a part of the core gameplay of Kakarot, while the narrative of the main story will closely follow the canon of Dragon Ball Z.

Director Kazuki told us that more information on the battle mechanics is coming, but promises that this game will be a much more accessible entry in the Dragon Ball video games:

"A lot of people are excited that it will give a much lower-barriered entry to some of the fighting games like Xenoverse or Fighters which have come out recently. This will be a good opportunity for a lot of fans of the Dragon Ball Z characters and anime to immerse themselves."


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